ICYMI: Scott Walker Extremist Health Czar Ignores Reform Savings

Jan 30, 2011

MADISON-Scott Walker’s hand-picked health czar, a hard-right partisan who has advocated ending programs like BadgerCare, last week deliberately ignored “more than $500 million” in savings that Wisconsin would realize under the successful health care reforms that Walker has opposed.

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Dennis Smith was a far-right spokesman against reforms that have seen lowered health premiums for working families, prescription drug support for seniors and allowing children with preexisting conditions to remain on their parents’ health insurance.

“Scott Walker’s health czar is already using his pulpit as a partisan, cherry-picking numbers and advocating against programs like BadgerCare, which help hundreds of thousands of working Wisconsinites,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Monday. “Walker brought out someone from D.C. to tell people in Wisconsin that they don’t deserve the health care he has.”