Paul Ryan's Plan is Road Map to Ruin, Says Nonpartisan Think Tank

Jan 19, 2011

MADISON– The non-partisan Economic Policy institute yesterday released its analysis of Paul Ryan’s “Road Map to Ruin.”

Read the briefing paper here.

Ryan’s plan would raise taxes on the middle-class while slashing millionaires’ taxes in half, eliminate corporate income taxes, dismantle social insurance programs, privatize Social Security and eliminate Medicare and Medicaid in favor of an inadequate voucher system.

“Paul Ryan’s ‘Road Map’ serves up the destruction of the middle-class in order to line the pockets of his Wall Street benefactors,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Thursday. “Ryan’s radical proposal includes draconian spending cuts that eliminate social safety nets like Medicare and Social Security, yet fails to provide for, or even mention, the resources and education needed for the next generation of Wisconsin’s children to thrive. It begs the question – who does Paul Ryan really go to work for?”