WisDems Launch GOP One-Term Watch

Jan 04, 2011

Extremist Crop Breaks Promises to Focus on Jobs

MADISON-The Democratic Party of Wisconsin on Wednesday launched its “One-Term Watch” program to monitor the crop of extremist freshman Republican legislators, who ran for office on promises of creating family-supporting jobs but have instead embarked on a madcap plan to enflame social issues, pay back corporate contributors and set back Wisconsin’s modern economy.

One-Term Watch consists of social media and other activism to keep these legislators honest and let them know Wisconsin needs good jobs, not broken promises.

The project begins today with Joe Knilans, who represents the 44th Assembly District.

“The incoming crop of freshman legislators have pledged to march in lockstep with Scott Walker’s planned assault on Wisconsin’s modern economy and on our state’s standards of living,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Wednesday. “It hasn’t taken them long to break faith with the voters, for whom they promised jobs but instead are delivering an extremist stew that has nothing to do with economic progress. It’s a good recipe to serve one-term.”