GOP Groundhog Day Emergency Response?

Feb 01, 2011

Pass Bad Bills In the Shadows

MADISON-As thousands of Wisconsin families were dealing with the winter emergency, Scott Walker and the Republicans were set to spend Groundhog Day passing bad legislation that was written by lobbyists and which won’t create a single job. 
This includes naming Scott Walker the ultimate rule-maker for all state agencies, restructuring the Department of Commerce into a quasi-private agency with no accountability to the taxpayers, granting exemptions to develop wetlands and changes in auto insurance law written by an auto insurance agent who laughed aloud about having received $15,000 from the auto insurance industry as a down payment for his compliance.

“As Wisconsin digs out of the snow, Scott Walker’s lock-step Legislature will be hard at work voting his rule-making power grab into law and doing the bidding of land developers and the auto insurance industry,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Wednesday. “I don’t know about the groundhog, but it’s clear Scott Walker likes government in the shadows, where the working people who have to pay for these policies won’t see just how they are made.”