Hollywood Sean Duffy Has A Koch Problem

Feb 23, 2011


Direct Ties to Billionaire Oil Tycoon
MADISON-Hollywood Sean Duffy was the darling of the phony Tea Party group, “Americans “For” Prosperity,” funded by the billionare Koch Brothers, but now, after only a few weeks in the Congress, his chief of staff has gone to work for the lobbying wing of the Kansas oil tycoons.
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“Hollywood Sean Duffy has a Koch problem, and it goes to show that when he and his wife aren’t posing for cameras, they are not merely ignoring the people of the north woods, they are actively working with Scott Walker and billionaire oil tycoons against them,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said. “Dave Obey used his position to fight the powerful on behalf of the people. Instead, Hollywood Sean is using his time in office to pay back his corporate masters.”