Paul Ryan Doubles Down On Budget Lies

Feb 14, 2011

MADISON-Janesville Hypocrite Paul Ryan, who has voted to increase the size of the federal deficit by trillions, is doubling down on budget lies that were refuted last year.

Speaking out against President Obama’s proposed budget, which makes tough choices but protects investments in America’s modern economy, Ryan repeated claims that independent fact-checkers have refuted.
Among his debunked claims:
-That the Obama nearly budget doubled spending (he refuses to account for the successful stimulus, which he opposed, and which he incorrectly counts in 2010 when it passed in 2009).
-That President Obama gave America a $2 trillion tax increase. In fact, President Obama and the Democrats gave the middle class its biggest tax relief in history, without any help from Ryan.
– That the president’s policies have benefited the public sector more than the private one. In fact, the private sector has seen 1.258 million jobs added in the past 11 months. The last day George W. Bush was in office, the economy was losing jobs at a rate of nearly 800,000 per month.
“As he preens for national exposure, Paul Ryan has a hard time covering his tracks when he voted to increase our budget deficit by trillions and supported the policies of greed and speculation that nearly ruined our economy to begin with,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Tuesday. “But for him to come out and repeat outright lies about President Obama’s budget shows how ambition has corrupted what integrity he had left.”