Scott Walker's "Budget Adjustment": A Downward Pressure on Wisconsin's Competitive Edge

Feb 10, 2011

MADISON-Following is the statement of Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate on Scott Walker’s “budget adjustment’ bill.

“Scott Walker’s so-called “budget adjustment” bill amounts to downward pressure on wages and benefits for all wage-earners in Wisconsin, and another step backward in investments in our modern economy. Voters in November did not hear from Walker or Republicans about these proposed radical changes for a reason, and now, in an ill-considered move, it is being foisted upon them in one swoop, without good faith negotiation, deliberation or the kind of discussion that any good C.E.O. would employ. For more than five decades, Wisconsin’s labor agreements have operated with Republican and Democratic support but now, overnight, with little discussion, Scott Walker would end that. Combined with cuts to education and health care, Scott Walker is presiding over a groundward plunge in Wisconsin’s standard of living, all to suit a narrow ideology that sees a future in which only the very rich can prosper.”