See It For Yourself, Rush: Wisconsin Democrats Invite Limbaugh, GOP Talkers to Madison

Feb 20, 2011

MADISON-In the face of massive, but peaceful, protests against the divisive power grab by Scott Walker and his Republican followers, GOP spokesmen Rush Limbaugh and Milwaukee’s Charlie Sykes have used the airwaves to distort the movement to partisan ends.

On Monday, Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate formally extended an invitation to the deceitful duo to come to Madison and look at Wisconsin democracy and First Amendment expression at its finest.

“It would make sense that GOP spokesmen like Rush Limbaugh and Charlie Sykes stand united behind out-of-state corporations and Scott Walker’s power grab. What DOESN’T make sense is their counter-factual characterization of the crowds that have amassed here in this historic moment,” Tate said. “They should come to our beautiful Capitol and see for themselves. And, should they want to stay the night in the Capitol, I’m sure we can find them each an air mattress.”