BREAKING: GOP Extremist Jeff Stone Supports Added Labor Unrest in Milwaukee County

Mar 03, 2011

MADISON-Speaking before a crowd during a debate in Milwaukee this afternoon, Republican extremist and Scott Walker devotee Jeff Stone went on-the-record in support of controversial union-busting “Right to Work For Less” legislation.

Stone, an insider who stands figuratively and literally side-by-side Scott Walker’s divisive power grab against Wisconsin’s middle class, now is doubling down on the historic labor unrest by supporting the move to cripple private-sector unions.

Speaking at a debate hosted by Independence First!, a nonprofit for people with disabilities, and in response to the question, “Do you believe Wisconsin should be a “Right to Work State?”, Stone said he agreed.

He later ran away from a reporter trying to clarify his answer, saying, “It’s not hard to answer…Write down what I said.”

“Milwaukee County’s middle class and institutions were built through cooperation between workers and management and now Jeff Stone is standing with Scott Walker as he tears apart that covenant,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Friday. “Now it appears that Jeff Stone is ready to go even further than Scott Walker in his assault on Milwaukee County’s middle class.”