DESPERATION: Koch Brothers Coming To Rescue Scott Walker, Their Pet

Mar 02, 2011

Americans “For” Prosperity Group Unleash Phony Bus Tour

MADISON-Having seen their union-busting plans exposed, the Koch Brothers oil tycoons are coming back to Wisconsin in a desperate effort to rescue their pet, Scott Walker, in the form of a propaganda bus tour.

Americans “For” Prosperity, one of the many Koch Brothers entities scheming against Wisconsin’s working families, will take its show on the road through the weekend, hoping to gin up support for an effort to take away rights from Wisconsin’s working families that is opposed by everyone from the Archbishop of Milwaukee and America’s Catholic bishops  to the Green Bay Packers to hundreds of thousands of average Wisconsinites who have demonstrated over the past month.

“The Koch Brothers are coming back to Wisconsin to protect their investment, their pet Scott Walker, who has used “Tea Party” threats as a way to ensure that Republicans in the Legislature do not break with the plan, hatched out-of-state by shady forces, to end collective bargaining in Wisconsin,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Thursday. “While the bus runs on Koch Brothers money, it is intended to run right over the rights of Wisconsin’s working families.”