Flip-Flop-Flip: New WisDems Web Ad Highlights Jeff Stone's Shameless Position Shifts on Worker Rights

Mar 09, 2011

Which Way Will He Vote on Collective Bargaining Today?

MADISON – A new Web Ad released today by the Democratic Party of Wisconsin highlights Jeff Stone’s shameless attempts to have it both ways when it comes to collective bargaining.

Scott Walker clone Jeff Stone stood with the governor when the budget repair bill that strips workers of basic rights was introduced.  Stone also voted for the bill’s final passage.

Yet in an interview in Milwaukee days later, and also at a forum sponsored by Disability Rights Wisconsin, Stone shockingly said he didn’t agree with the provisions that stripped workers of their collective bargaining rights.  He meekly explained that legislators have to vote up or down on bills even if they don’t agree with every provision of the bill.  He neglected to mention that he voted to table approximately 30 amendments that would have either broadly or specifically restored these rights.

Stone then zigzagged once again when talking to GOP frontman Charlie Sykes, unequivocally stating he supports Scott Walker and his bill.

“The fact that Jeff Stone is a Walker clone is one thing; the fact that Jeff Stone lacks the courage to honestly tell the voters of Milwaukee County where he really stands is quite another.  The people of Milwaukee County want an Executive who will bring real change and reform.  Jeff Stone only offers more of the same failed policies and divisive politics,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair said Thursday, hours before a planned 5 p.m. rally outside Stone’s campaign offices.

Watch the new DPW web ad ‘Flip Flop Flip’ here.

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