ICYMI: Mr. Wall Street Paul Ryan Says A Government Shutdown 'Sounds Worse Than It Probably Is'

Mar 16, 2011

MADISON– Speaking at an event in Washington D.C. this morning, Wall Street’s biggest cheerleader on the hill, House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan, argued that a Newt Gingrich-style government shutdown, “sounds worse than it probably is.”

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Ryan and the GOP leadership have failed to pass a Continuing Resolution to fund the federal government for the rest of the fiscal year, due in large part to their insistence on advancing non-fiscal extremist policies, such as defunding Planned Parenthood and the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. And on Wednesday, House Republicans again showed their true priorities, declaring an emergency meeting not to address job creation or the federal funding bill, but to take up legislation that would permanently block federal funding to National Public Radio.

Ryan’s cavalier attitude towards another government shutdown, which would result in the loss of vital services for millions of Americans and the loss of income for thousands of federal employees, comes on the heels of his flip remark that he could reform Social Security, relied on by millions of Americans as their only means of financial support in retirement, on the back of a cocktail napkin. House Speaker John Boehner has similarly displayed indifference towards the potentially devastating effects of the GOP’s failure to pass the Fiscal Year 2011 funding bill, commenting, “So be it,” when asked about the possibility of federal job losses.

“Paul Ryan’s willingness to shut down the federal government, endangering the jobs of thousands of federal employees and closing down national parks, museums, passport offices and other agencies, illustrates just how low the GOP is willing to go in order to protect tax breaks for Ryan’s Wall Street benefactors and advance right-wing non-fiscal policies,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Thursday.  “Paul Ryan and the Republicans promised to rectify the country’s fiscal problems and create jobs for struggling families, but all we’ve seen are giveaways to the wealthy and partisan extremism. Where, and when, are the jobs?”