Jeff Stone's Dishonesty: Illegally Using Images to Conjure Phantom Support

Mar 24, 2011

Statement of WisDems Black Caucus Chair Stephanie Findley

MADISON – Following is the statement of Democratic Party of Wisconsin Black Caucus Chair Stephanie Findley following news that Scott Walker henchman Jeff Stone was in his campaign literature illegally using images of Milwaukee County residents, including prominent African-Americans, to conjure phantom support:

“The Democratic Party of Wisconsin’s Black Caucus is appalled at Jeff Stone’s deceptive methods to push his campaign message to the African-American community.  Stone took pictures at community events to create the false impression of relationships with key African-American constituents. He then used them illegally in his campaign literature to imply that he is a friend of ours.  Stone’s policies, like his patron Scott Walker, clearly are not in the best interest of African Americans or any working family in Wisconsin. Either Jeff Stone doesn’t know the law, or doesn’t care, but in any case, his dishonesty is appalling.”

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