Scott Walker Against New Wisconsin Jobs: Wind Energy His Latest

Mar 21, 2011

MADISON– Scott Walker’s backward ways have cost Wisconsin more jobs and a position in the clean energy wind market, the latest example of the failed governor’s steps to pay back partisan lapdogs at the expense of Badger State progress.

Scott Walker previously killed thousands of family-sustaining jobs when he refused $810 million in federal funds to invest in major infrastructure improvements for high-speed rail connecting Madison to Milwaukee, part of a greater innovation to connect the Midwest from Chicago to Minneapolis. Walker’s willingness to steal from the future in order to curry favor with right-wing extremists also resulted in the announcement that Talgo, Inc. would shutter its Milwaukee operation in 2012, likely relocating to Illinois.

The latest insult to a New Wisconsin occurred when Scott Walker’s minions deliberately debilitated the wind energy footing of a new market, even as he sought to shackle Wisconsin to old energy contributors.

Invernegy announced yesterday that it would withdraw its application for a massive wind farm in Brown County, citing Walker’s hostility to clean energy and jobs.

“Brick by brick, or rather, solar panel by solar panel, Scott Walker wants to make Wisconsin a low-wage backwater,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Tuesday. “Apparently, the only jobs that Scott Walker wants to create are those blackened by soot.”

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