Scott Walker's Appalling Priorities: Raising Taxes on the Poor While Giving Tax Cuts to Friends

Mar 08, 2011

MADISON – As Scott Walker’s radical budget gets more scrutiny, his appalling priorities become clearer, and two stories this past week from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel show how he raises taxes on the poor while giving tax cuts for his partisan buddies.

One of Walker’s biggest contributors, and a figure in the Koch Brothers-funded “Tea Party” movement, has been given a big tax exemption, which you can read about here.

At the same time Walker is easing the tax burden of millionaires, he’s raising taxes on the very poor by $41 million.

“In Scott Walker’s Wisconsin, the very rich get total access to Walker and don’t even have to pay their fair share like the rest of us,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Ash Wednesday. “But woe to you if you are poor or a worker in Wisconsin because we have in Madison a craven governor who will raise your taxes as his appalling priorities put the interests of the very rich well above yours.”