The Other Shoe: Jeff Stone's History of Standing With Party Leaders on Budget Bills

Feb 28, 2011

Scott Walker Prepares to Release Budget Bill That Will Cut Local Aid to Schools, Governments by $1 Billion. Will Jeff Stone Continue His Tradition of Anti-Milwaukee Budget Votes?

MADISON — Fresh off his vote that will tie the hands of local governments to the tune of millions of dollars, long-time Republican Rep. Jeff Stone will doubtless continue his tradition of voting along party lines for a State budget that will decimate Milwaukee County when Scott Walker makes his budget address tonight.

In voting for Scott Walker’s budget repair bill, Jeff Stone continues to follow Scott Walker’s lead and has made another financially disastrous decision for Milwaukee County. By supporting a bill that gives special treatment to some unions rather than asking all to share equally in concessions, the bill will cost Milwaukee $19 million in savings, according to media reports.

“Jeff Stone has a history of following his party leaders in casting anti-Milwaukee budget votes that have put millions at risk for the economic engine of the state,” said Mike Tate, Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. “The last thing we need is Jeff Stone’s more of the same approach in Milwaukee County.”

In 2007 during a much stronger economy, Stone supported the Assembly Republican version of the budget that according to media reports would cut $33 million of shared revenue to the City of Milwaukee — an amount equal to shutting down the entire Milwaukee Public Library or laying off 150 firefighters or police.

In 2005, Stone voted for the Republican version of the budget that meant a revenue loss of $40 million to MPS, the hardest hit school district of any by the proposal.