Disenfranchising Wisconsin

Apr 26, 2011

GOP Voter ID Bill an Affront to Democracy

MADISON-Following is the statement of Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate in response to radical changes in Wisconsin elections proposed by Republicans.

“The Republican voter suppression bill is an affront to democracy in Wisconsin. It is morally repugnant. Worse, including the changes in the absentee ballot rules, it is coldly calculated to make it so the state’s most vulnerable citizens and its young people are denied a voice in who will govern them. It is another way station in a Republican philosophy that favors power concentrated in the hands of the very few. Their view of the state is to increasingly deny people rights, including the most important right, the franchise, that was purchased in blood. Even the most partisan attorney general in recent history cannot find evidence of the fraud that Republicans claim is at the heart of this legislation. But, from the “Koch Brothers” call on, we know what is behind the curtain with this gang now ruling Madison, and their cares lie only in power, not in the people of Wisconsin.”