DPW Chair Mike Tate Commends La Crosse Area Broadcasters For Pulling False and Misleading Attack Ads

Apr 21, 2011

MADISON – All La Crosse area broadcasters have pulled the false and misleading attack ads that are the subject of a Democratic Party of Wisconsin complaint and a criminal investigation by the La Crosse County District Attorney. The attack ads, funded by an anonymous special interest group registered as the “Jobs First Coalition, Inc.,” are illegal under Wisconsin law.

“The media have a duty to protect the public from deceptive advertising, and we commend La Crosse area broadcasters for taking this responsibility seriously,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate.

DPW legal counsel, Attorney Mike Maistelman, was pleased with the stations’ actions, noting, “I am confident that the criminal investigation of Jobs First will act as a deterrent to others who seek to lie and misrepresent the facts for political gain.”