"Radical Luther" Faces Recall

Apr 17, 2011

MADISON– Volunteers from the 14th Senate District today filed petitions with the Government Accountability Board to recall “Radical Luther” Olsen, the historic third recall effort in as many weeks.

Energized by the enormous outpouring of grassroots support from citizens fighting to reclaim Wisconsin from the grips of Scott Walker’s extreme power grab, volunteers collected more than 23,000 signatures to force the recall in near-record time.

Prior to joining a cabal of Republican senators to jam through Scott Walker’s divisive budget repair bill in an illegal vote in the dark of night, Olsen rightfully characterized the proposal as “pretty radical.”

“Luther Olsen, like Dan Kapanke and Randy Hopper before him, is facing the music for casting his lot with Scott Walker and his radical agenda to strip workers rights, slash funding for public education and dismantle Wisconsin’s modern economy,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Monday. “The historic grassroots recall efforts of the past few weeks prove that, from every corner of the state, the people of Wisconsin are coming out in droves to stand up against Scott Walker and his partisan lapdogs in their attempts to sell out Wisconsin’s values. The only question that remains – who’s next?”