Rep. Fred Clark Announces Candidacy for State Senate

Apr 20, 2011

Small Business Owner and Assemblyman Promises to Stand Up for Rural Families

MADISON – State Representative Fred Clark today announced his intention to run for the Wisconsin State Senate in the upcoming recall election against Sen. Luther Olsen (R-Ripon). 

The election is expected to be called by the Government Accountability Board in the coming weeks after more than 24,000 recall petitions were turned in against Sen. Olsen on Tuesday – almost twice the number required by law to trigger such an election.

“I’ve always respected Sen. Olsen, but I’ve been very disappointed by his willingness to blindly follow party leaders in Madison, even when it goes against the overwhelming wishes of the people he was elected to represent,” said Clark.  “Sen. Olsen’s support for policies that even he described as ‘radical’ shows just how much he’s lost touch with his constituents and their values.”

“When our elected leaders get steamrolled on issues this important to our state it’s time for a change”, said Clark.

Clark noted that his experience as a small business owner and forestry contractor, his knowledge of rural issues, and his experience serving the 42nd Assembly District will provide an excellent foundation for representing the people of the 14th Senate District.

“As someone who’s raised a son and had to make payroll every month as private employer, I know how hard it can be to support a family and make ends meet in today’s economy,” continued Clark. “That’s why I’ve worked hard to support small businesses and to enhance economic development and the quality of life in rural areas.”

Joined at his announcement by family, friends, and supporters, Rep. Clark promised to work to move the state past the divisive politics of the past two months.

“Despite some good efforts by members of both parties, this legislature has very little to show for three months of bad policy. Not only have they taken rights away from workers, nothing has been done to get people back to work at decent jobs”, said Clark.  “If elected to the Senate, I intend to get right back to work educating our kids, balancing our budget by making responsible choices, and rebuilding Wisconsin’s rural economy.”