Scott Walker's Administration Gives 27-Year-Old Child of Privilege Plum State Job With a Raise to $81K

Apr 03, 2011

“No Degree, Little Experience”: Cronyism Reigns in Same Agency that Hired Randy Hopper Mistress

MADISON-After only a few months on the job, the Scott Walker administration has given the 27-year-old drunk-driving son of a major campaign contributor a plum state job, including a hefty salary of $81,500.

The lucky recipient of Walker largesse is the son of longtime lobbyist Jerry Deschane, vice president of the Wisconsin Builders Association, who acknowledged he put the touch in to get his son the cushy position — though he has little experience and is, by any objective measure, wholly unqualified for the position.

The cronyism is occurring in the same agency that gave another state job — despite the fact the state is “broke” and there’s a so-called hiring freeze in place — for Sen. Randy Hopper’s mistress. Records now show Hopper’s mistress didn’t actually even apply for the job, though she was given a 35% raise over her predecessor. 

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, which endorsed Walker, found that Brian Deschane, with two drunk-driving convictions, no degree or relevant experience, started off just a few months ago at about a $65,000 salary and just received the 26 percent pay raise.

“Scott Walker has a funny idea of shared sacrifice when he continues to put the poor little rich kids of his campaign contributors and lapdog legislators on the public dole,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Monday. “The rank hypocrisy of Scott Walker handing out plum government jobs with substantial raises — while sticking it to folks like teachers, EMTs, and nurses — is just more sickening testimony to the cronyism and corruption that we’ve seen throughout Walker’s extreme power overreach.”