The 2011 Spring Elections: Wisconsin Stands Up to Scott Walker

Apr 04, 2011

MADISON– Following is the statement of Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate on the 2011 Spring Elections.

“The results today in Milwaukee, Dane and Outagamie Counties show that Wisconsin has rejected the agenda of Scott Walker. The results will inform and inspire how we proceed going forward with the historic recall effort; it sends a clear signal to an intransigent governor that his methods and his philosophy have been rejected by the people; and it should give Republicans who are, for the moment, in the majority, pause about how they proceed with enacting Walker’s terrible budget.

There is more work to do, more recalls to enact, recall elections to win and, ultimately, possibly, the recall of Scott Walker himself to organize. But that will be for tomorrow. Today we celebrate the strong signal sent by the working families of Wisconsin.”