Will Reid Ribble Support Paul Ryan’s Extreme Budget Proposal?

Apr 04, 2011

MADISON– Today “Mr. Wall Street” Paul Ryan debuted his budget proposal, which slashes more than $6.2 trillion in spending over the next decade.

Ryan’s so-called “reforms” would dismantle Medicare for Wisconsin’s seniors, turning it into an inadequate voucher system to purchase health insurance in a broken marketplace that has seen record profits while denying care and benefits, and would convert Medicaid into a block grant program that would allow Scott Walker to eliminate health care programs for thousands of working families, small business owners and farmers.

“Reid Ribble came to Washington promising jobs, jobs, jobs for his constituents here in Wisconsin,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Tuesday. “Yet at every turn, Ribble has blindly followed the Republican leadership in their dogged pursuit to pass a radical social agenda that does nothing to create jobs or improve the economy, and everything to appeal to the extremist special interest groups that propelled them to power. By taking a stand against Paul Ryan’s devastating budget, Reid Ribble can finally prove to Wisconsinites that he is ready to put their needs above partisan political games.”