DISASTER: Wisconsin GOP Rejects Tommy Thompson Run For Senate

May 21, 2011

WISCONSIN DELLS-His D.C. lobbyist cash paid for plenty of signs to limn the sparse crowds at the annual Wisconsin Republican convention here, but Tommy G. Thompson’s run for the U.S. Senate was soundly rejected by his own party in humiliating fashion, with Thompson losing a straw poll to a nobody former state senator, with him dissed by extremist U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson.and with him under attack by Scott Walker’s own political machine.
Thompson himself was a no-show at the debacle, but it’s just as well that he hid.
He lost the WisPolitics.com poll to former state Sen. Ted Kanavas, a retread not well known outside of Waukesha County or his own family.
One of Scott Walker’s top advisers, R.J. Johnson,led an all-out assault on a Thompson Senate candidacy.
And Tea Party extremist Ron Johnson gave a sideways but unequivocal rejection of Thompson, using euphemism to say that Thompson’s previous support for President Obama’s health care reforms for working families rendered Thompson anathema to the Wisconsin Republicans’ ruling right wing.
“This convention was an unmitigated disaster for Tommy Thompson and he could save himself further humiliation by staying in Washington and bagging lobbying cash from Wall Street and the health insurance special interests, since it’s clear that even his own party won’t give him the time of day and rejects him as a Senate candidate,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Sunday. “Even his own party knows that Tommy’s time has past.”