Ekornaas Invisible as Kenosha Speaks Out Against Dangerous Walker Budget

May 09, 2011

MADISON — As hundreds of Kenosha-area residents attended a town hall meeting on Monday to speak out against the reckless Republican budget that decimates education and threatens SeniorCare, a noticeable absence was recently-declared senate candidate Fred Ekornaass, best known for his complete embrace of the radical Walker plan to take away worker rights and assault the middle class.
“Fred Ekornaas claims to be interested in state issues, yet when presented with an opportunity to hear from hundreds from his community about one of the most dangerous budgets in state history, he skipped out,” said DPW Chairman Mike Tate.  “The reason is obvious — Fred Ekornaas is nothing more than a hapless shill for Scott Walker and the political bosses pulling his strings.  He made up his mind before even pretending to listen to the people he says he wants to represent.”
Ekornaas’ vanishing act took place just a day after he blatantly mischaracterized as an ‘angry mob’ the tens of thousands of Wisconsin citizens who peacefully stood against the extreme Walker plan that strips away worker protections against unfair treatment and unsafe working conditions.
“That’s how little Fred Ekornaas thinks of those from the Kenosha-area who stand up for working and middle class families,” said Tate.  “The cops and firefighters who keep us safe; the teachers who educate our children; the nurses who take care of our friends and family members in times of crisis — they are nothing more than political enemies to be destroyed in Ekornaas’ warped world view that puts Scott Walker, the Koch Brothers and the political bosses ahead of Kenosha.”   
State Senator Bob Wirch represents the 22nd Senate District, and has dedicated his career in public service to creating jobs and growing the economy, standing up for working and middle class families, and fighting for priorities like education, health care and help for our seniors.