GOP Reeling at Convention

May 20, 2011

Scott Walker Tells Fear of Recall Elections

WISCONSIN DELLS-Under heavy security and with sparse crowds at their annual convention, Wisconsin Republican leaders gave conflicting signals about the internal discord racking their party and their attempts to defend the Scott Walker-Paul Ryan overreach.

After coming under withering attacks by Scott Walker loyalists, Washington lobbyist Tommy G. Thompson apparently skipped town-and a defense of the millions in D.C. dollars he’s taken in since his time in Wisconsin.

Paul Ryan continued to defend his plan to end Medicare.

Ron Johnson, who all but said he opposed Thompson’s candidacy, praised plans to shred the middle-class safety net while preserving tax loopholes for companies that ship jobs overseas. 

But looming over the entire grim proceeding was the Scott Walker overreach which has divided a state and united working families in the effort to recall six eligible senators.

Scott Walker himself tried to rally the faithful to his extreme agenda that has caused the recall of six sitting Republican senators-and imperiling his plans to bring massive cuts to education, BadgerCare, the UW System and SeniorCare. 

“Scott Walker is right to fear recall elections of his lockstep legislators because that would put an end to their rubber-stamping of his extremist agenda that is dividing Wisconsin,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Saturday. “It goes to show that Scott Walker is not focused on helping the struggling middle-class, but merely obsessed with his own power.”