Paul Ryan is Looking out for Big Insurance Companies

May 22, 2011

Congressional Challenger Robert Zerban Responds to Paul Ryan Serial “Meet the Press” Falsehoods

KENOSHA-Following is the statement of First District U.S. Congressional candidate Robert Zerban following Paul Ryan’s various falsehoods repeated Sunday on “Meet the Press.”

“Paul Ryan tried to promote his radical budget plan on Meet the Press yesterday by falsely claiming that the alternative would lead to rationed care when the truth is the exact opposite. By forcing seniors into private healthcare with a voucher of diminishing value as their only assistance, many would forgo treatments and new technologies because the costs would be out of their reach.

Paul Ryan knows that by gutting our current Medicare plan, seniors will face drastically higher out-of-pocket costs. This helps big insurance companies, not Wisconsin’s seniors. What the taxpayers of southeastern Wisconsin need is a plan that would shore up our existing Medicare system without gutting it and forcing our seniors to figure it out on their own.”