ICYMI: Ron Johnson Continues to Duck Questions About His Big Post-Election Payday

Jun 28, 2011

MADISON –Ron Johnson is still refusing to answer questions about the $10 million deferred compensation payoff he received from his Oshkosh firm, Pacur, a sum that closely resembles the nearly $9 million Johnson used to finance his Senate campaign.

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Absent a written deferred compensation agreement signed and dated prior to Johnson’s Senate campaign, the compensation package potentially constitutes an illegal corporate campaign contribution, according to election law experts.

Johnson’s unwillingness to disclose the details of his $10 million windfall is surprising, considering his previous remarks supporting transparency and openness in campaign finance, notably:

“Let’s make this very simple. Let’s have total transparency and immediate-slash-rapid disclosure on the Internet. Then we know who, which, who, you know who is supporting each candidate, and we know it right away. And we can, and we can bring campaign finance back into the system where it’s far more accountable then what it is today.” [Wausau debate, 10/11/10]

“That would be my solution to campaign finance reform; total transparency, rapid reporting.” [Milwaukee Press Club, 9/24/10]

“Ron Johnson continues to hide the details of the $10 million bonanza he negotiated for himself in the wake of his Senate campaign,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Wednesday. “Its no secret that Johnson’s Senate seat was purchased – Wisconsinites deserve to know just who was signing the check.”