ICYMI: “Struggling” Sean Duffy Again Faces Angry Constituents While Defending His Vote to End Medicare

Jun 07, 2011

MADISON – Speaking Monday at a town hall meeting at the Superior-Douglas County Senior Center, “Struggling” Sean Duffy once again faced the ire of protestors and citizens upset with his vote for the Paul Ryan “Path to Poverty” budget that effectively ends Medicare.

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Monday’s town hall is the latest in a string of embarrassing in-district appearances for Duffy, who in February famously bemoaned his “struggles” on his $174,000 Congressional salary, and in April twice faced constituents challenging his defense of tax breaks for the wealthy and corporate welfare for special interests, with Duffy ultimately losing his cool and telling a concerned citizen to “have your own town hall.”

“Sean Duffy’s constituents, like millions all over America, are rallying against Paul Ryan’s radical budget that privatizes Medicare and slashes Medicaid while preserving corporate giveaways, yet Duffy continues to throw his support behind the politically toxic plan” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Wednesday. “Instead of a rubberstamp for the GOP agenda, the citizens of North and Central Wisconsin need a leader who will fight to preserve common sense social safety net programs and see that the tax burden is not unfairly heaped on seniors, the middle class and the poor.”