Rob Zerban, Supporters Deliver More Than 65,000 Signatures in Opposition to Paul Ryan’s Plan to End Medicare

Jun 27, 2011

KENOSHA –  Rob Zerban, Democratic candidate for Congress in Wisconsin’s 1st District, today delivered more than 65,000 signed petitions to Congressman Paul Ryan’s office urging him to stop his attack on Medicare.  

“Seniors across the country and right here in Paul Ryan’s own backyard are outraged at his plan to end Medicare,” Zerban said.  “They know that his plan has nothing to do with balancing the budget.  He’s handing billions in tax breaks to millionaires and big corporations while trying to balance the budget on the backs of America’s seniors.”

Zerban’s campaign collected the more than 65,000 signatures along with the Progressive Change Campaign Committee – a grassroots organization with over 25,000 members in Wisconsin.

“I voted for Congressman Ryan every single time he’s been up for reelection – including this past year ,” said Mark Stevens, a Kenosha resident who joined Zerban on a national call with reporters after today’s petition delivery.  “But after hearing about his radical plan to end Medicare, never again.”

“Paul Ryan and I both know that our government has to do more with less,” said Zerban.  “But what we need is less of Ryan’s giveaways to the super-wealthy and big corporations – and more solutions for the middle class and seniors.”

The text of the petition is below:

“Poll after poll shows that voters reject your plan to end Medicare. The fact that you would give tax cuts to big corporations and the rich while ending Medicare especially shows your misplaced priorities. Stop your attack on Medicare now.”

Congressman Ryan’s budget plan has been met with widespread opposition from the start.  A CNN poll released on June 1 shows that by a margin of 58% to 35%, Americans oppose Rep. Paul Ryan’s plan to end Medicare – which includes opposition from 74% of seniors and even 54% of conservative voters.  Just last week, a Bloomberg poll found that Ryan is now the third most disliked Republican in the nation.

Zerban’s campaign has received national recognition, and he is viewed as the first Democrat with a chance to defeat Ryan.