Scott Walker's Self-Serving Revisionism

Jun 27, 2011

MADISON-In a self-serving, self-pitying display before the paper that endorsed him, Scott Walker Monday told the editorial board of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that he had “never” attacked teachers and that his only fault in his shocking decision to end seven decades of labor peace merely needed better marketing.

Following is the statement of Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate in response: 

“In Scott Walker’s mind, he is incapable of error and any criticism of him merely supports his rightness. The fact is that he has divided Wisconsin in a way unlike any governor before him and admitted as much in his phone call from the phony “Koch brother.” That’s when he compared himself, favorably of course, to president Ronald Reagan and said that promulgating a budget that takes nearly a billion dollars out of education to fund tax cuts for millionaires was akin to dropping the ‘bomb.”

Scott Walker’s revision of history has been rejected by Wisconsin in the form of the thousands of Republicans, Democrats and independents who have forced the recall of the Republican senators who have slavishly followed his agenda. The problem for Scott Walker is that no matter how many friendly interviews he does, it’s not merely history that will be his judge-soon, it will be the people of Wisconsin.”