Statement of Democratic Senate Leader Mark Miller on Stunning GOP Dirty Tricks to Derail Democracy

Jun 05, 2011

MADISON — The following is a statement from Democratic Senate Leader Mark Miller on the stunning GOP dirty tricks to derail democracy in these recall elections.

“Republican Senators are terrified to face the voters in the recall elections because they know the people will reject their extreme, divisive agenda that guts priorities like schools, help for seniors and health care — while giving huge tax breaks to the privileged and large corporations.

“That’s why these GOP Senators will do anything to avoid being held accountable.  Now they’re resorting to dirty tricks — like running Republicans as Democrats in Democratic primaries — to deny democracy. The purpose is clear — delay elections, create confusion and chaos, and ultimately avoid being judged by the voters in the recall elections.
“These dirty Nixonion tactics have no place in Wisconsin. And we don’t need to waste taxpayer money on phony elections to help these Republicans duck the voters and needlessly delay these elections. 170,000 people signed petitions to recall six GOP senators.  They deserve to have their voice heard — not shut out by scheming GOP party bosses conspiring in backrooms.
“Senators Harsdorf, Hopper, Kapanke and Olsen must use their positions within the Republican Party to shutdown this disgraceful attempt to hijack these recall elections, or explain to the voters why they approve of these dirty tactics.  Senators Darling, and Cowles must pledge to oppose any similar tactics in their district, as must Republicans in the 12th, 22nd and 30th Senate Districts – should those elections be called.
“And the Republican Party of Wisconsin must immediately shut down this partisan, coordinated attack on democracy that wastes taxpayer dollars.”