WisDems: "Struggling" Sean Duffy Must Return Raise He Gave Himself

Jun 21, 2011

MADISON-The Democratic Party of Wisconsin on Wednesday was calling on “Struggling” Sean Duffy to reimburse taxpayers for a raise he gave himself in the waning days of his campaign.

According to reports in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Duffy gave himself an 11 percent raise in the final six weeks in a job for which he rarely showed up.

Duffy could not explain the raise or its timing, much the same way he cannot explain why he considers himself “struggling” on a Congressional salary of $174,000 per year, with benefits.

“Sean Duffy is “struggling” to explain a raise he gave himself but he owes taxpayers more than explanations: He should reimburse the people of Ashland County whom he bilked,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Wednesday.

See attached letter from DPW Chair Mike Tate to Rep. Sean Duffy