"Admits" Mistakes? More Self-Serving Political P.R. Pabulum From Failure Governor Scott Walker

Jul 16, 2011

MADISON-Having failed to focus on job creation or balancing Wisconsin’s budget, and avoiding accountability at every turn for his disastrous policies, Scott Walker “admitted” mistakes in a self-serving interview in Salt Lake City with the Reuters news agency.

The man who coordinated with Koch Brothers-sponsored front groups claimed that it was OTHER groups who came and meddled in Wisconsin, and that his inability to manage public relations was the cause of his unpopularity, not the substance of his radical proposals to cut $1.6 billion from education, attack workers rights and make it so the very rich don’t pay their fair share.

“This is not a p.r. problem, it’s a substance problem. Reeling in the polls and exposed to the working families from Wisconsin who see through his self-serving lies, Scott Walker has now taken to full-on revision when it comes to his motivations, his actions and his deeds,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Sunday. “He bragged in his phone call with whom he thought was a Kansas oil tycoon that he was dropping the “bomb” on the heads of the people of Wisconsin, so he knew full well what he was doing. He bragged about his ability to ram through unpopular plans in Milwaukee County and yet now he plays the victim by blaming his poor press clippings.

Enough. The recall movement has begun a large-scale correction that will culminate in the replacement of Walker himself. Until then, Walker will continue to flood us with his oceans of self-pity.”