Corporate Lawyer Jonathan Steitz Rails Against Bipartisan Wisconsin Job Creation

Jul 27, 2011

Places Hundreds of Positions in Pleasant Prairie on Chopping Block While Advocating Against Taxes for Rich

KENOSHA-Hundreds of Wisconsin jobs in the  22nd Senate District would be put at risk by the right-wing policies of corporate soothsayer Jonathan Steitz, who in a recent radio interview indicated his opposition to the type of tax financing deal used to grow an established Pleasant Prairie business – and to create a new hub for high-tech industries.

Sen. Bob Wirch joined Republican Van Wanggaard in supporting the legislation to help Uline Inc. support a new distribution center and create the new biotech hub using tax incremental financing districts.

But Steitz, who works for a Chicago firm that advises corporations that ship American jobs overseas and argues that the rich pay too much in taxes, told a radio interviewer recently that he opposes this proven type of job creation.

“What I mean is we get rid of the special interest tax breaks,” Steitz said in a WGTD radio forum July 2. “It’s amazing how many different breaks there are for special industries when we have a company that wants to move in we’ll give them special property tax breaks…”

This June, he told a Tea Party rally that, “I think across- the-board, and especially in the upper tier, tax rates are still too high “

Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Thursday in response:

“Jon Steitz’s vision of tax cuts for the rich at the same time extinguishing jobs for hundreds of people in the district he claims he wants to represent shows how badly people need Bob Wirch fighting for them. Steitz either doesn’t know, doesn’t understand or doesn’t care about job creation. And he certainly doesn’t care about southeast Wisconsin’s middle class.”