Dave Hansen's Towering Triumph a Bitter Defeat for Scott Walker Agenda

Jul 18, 2011

MADISON — Following is the statement of Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate following Sen. Dave Hansen’s huge victory Tuesday night.

“Scott Walker and his cronies pulled out all the stops trying to defeat Dave Hansen, and the people of the 30th Senate District said loudly and clearly Tuesday, ‘Enough.’

“Enough of the dirty tricks that saw violent out-of-state felons hired by Republicans to trick people into signing recall petitions


“Enough of the trainwreck that is Dave VanderLeest, a troubled man whom responsible Republicans should have forced out of this race a long time ago.

“And enough of an extreme, runaway agenda in Madison that slashed education, raised taxes on seniors, put corporations over people, and favored an extreme ideology over the common good.

“Tonight’s victory is the first step in winning back the majority and restoring bedrock Wisconsin values to the state Senate. Congratulations to Sen. Hansen and his campaign for their success in a movement that will stop Scott Walker’s assault on working families in its tracks, and make sure that Wisconsin is made whole again.”