Does Kim Simac Think the United States is on the Path to Becoming Nazi Germany?

Jul 13, 2011

Outrageous Tweet Raises Serious Questions

MADISON-The Kim Simac story gets weirder and weirder with news of a Tweet that appears to say she thinks the United States is on the path to Nazi Germany.

The Tea Party “patriot” who has trouble paying her taxes and makes light of her bizarre spouse-swapping past Tweeted as “ButchTheBuck” in November, 2009, that, “I think of the German people such intelligent wonderful people were led so astray and to slaughter I am beginning to see it clearly now.” (See attached image.)

“Suggesting that America is on the road to becoming the Third Reich raises serious questions about the character of Kim Simac, who has a history of outrageous behavior already,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Thursday. “Just what does Simac see “clearly” that leads her to believe our great nation could replicate the horror of Nazi Germany?  This demands an answer.”

This isn’t the first time Simac has trashed America or Wisconsin.  In an interview she outrageously said “My state of Wisconsin is, um, is awful. As far as legislative-wise. You know, its just, you may as well call it the socialist state of Wisconsin practically.” (at the 7:00 mark here)