Frankenstein's Monster: The Tragic, Comic End of Scott Walker Pawn David VanderLeest

Jul 17, 2011

MADISON-Following is the response of Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate to bizarre accusations  and legal threats made today by Republican recall candidate David VanderLeest:

“Scott Walker’s Republican political machine was fine using David VanderLeest to do its political will by recalling a Democratic senator who stood up to his radical agenda. That recall effort was marked by massive fraud, including the employment of out-of-state felons with violent records. Vanderleest presided over this and Scott Walker smiled.

Walker Vanderleest photo

Little did the Republicans care about a sordid personal past for Vanderleest that includes allegations of domestic and child abuse, allegations of felony drug use, the ownership of nuisance properties and a tax record that would make an accountant weep.

Now, in the twilight of his bizarre candidacy, after having just denied having smoked crack cocaine, he comes out with totally baseless legal threats that do more damage to the English language than to any of the actors whom he has threatened.

We have asked for Scott Walker, Scott Fitzgerald and the rest of the Republican establishment to control the Frankenstein’s monster that they animated with their rotten recall movement. It was at all cost to Wisconsin dignity that they sought to preserve their agenda that gives to the super-rich by taking from the middle class. So desperately did they want to defend the Walker anti-Wisconsin agenda that they summoned the likes of David Vanderleest into the public midst. Tomorrow’s recall election will be the tragic end of it. But Walker and his Republican cronies will be left with the burden of explaining how Vanderleest came to be here in the first place.”