In Debt Talks, Ron Johnson Seeks Steep Cuts for Wisconsin's Working Families, Farmers, Seniors

Jul 11, 2011

MADISON-Embarrassment Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Moon), gave a confused and jumbled response to interviewer Al Hunt’s questions about the debt ceiling, indicating he supports cuts to Social Security and funding federal payments at 60 cents on the dollar, including tax refunds and farm payments.

A link to the interview is here.

Johnson said he would not fully fund federal programs until the Constitution is amended, a process that takes years, if not decades, though claimed the nation’s debt could be fixed “in weeks.”

“Millionaire embarrassment Ron Johnson doesn’t seem comfortable answering questions from actual reporters about his bizarre position on how to operate government, but he seems perfectly comfortable letting Wisconsin’s working families, seniors and farmers twist in the wind so that he can indulge his ideological fantasies, which even his right-wing Republican colleagues have rejected,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Tuesday.