Medicare Enemy Paul Ryan Shakes Down Campaign Cash for Alberta Darling

Jul 25, 2011

MADISON — Just weeks after Alberta Darling came out swinging in defense of Paul Ryan’s plans to kill Medicare as we know it, Ryan is shaking down campaign cash for his “Darling.”

In a misleading and self-pitying fundraising letter, found here, Ryan lavishes praise on Scott Walker and Darling’s mindless support for plans to cut $1.6 billion from education and hundreds of millions in health care for working families.

“Alberta Darling went to bat for Paul Ryan’s plans to kill Medicare as we know it, so it stands to reason that Ryan would step to the plate as Darling seeks tax cuts for the corporations and millionaires that will be paid for by Wisconsin’s working families,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said. “Neither Ryan or Darling understand the needs of Wisconsin’s middle class, but they certainly understand each other and complimentary policies that ask average Wisconsinites to do less with less so their elitist friends can slurp $350 bottles of wine.”