Rushed Republican Redistricting

Jul 07, 2011

Undemocratic Power Grab Reaches New Lows

MADISON-Following are the remarks of Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate in response to today’s revelation of the rushed Republican redistricting plan:

“Today, on a Friday afternoon, Republicans dropped another bomb on democracy in Wisconsin.

This is nothing but a pure, unprecedented partisan power grab. From now on, anytime any Republican claims they are fulfilling their constitutional duty when they defend this map, or they are trying to better represent Wisconsin, it’s either A) a bald faced lie or B) stunning ignorance.

Republicans have put together a map – with no hearings, no public input, with, at best, incomplete local input, on an accelerated timetable – with one goal in mind: consolidating political power of the Republican Party of Wisconsin, and controlling all levels of government.

This has nothing to do with redistricting, or to ensure proper representation.

This has nothing to do with advancing sound policy – or creating jobs.

This is the continuation of what we saw last winter — a punitive assault with the only goal of making 50% of Wisconinites’ values and voices extinct.

At first glance reveals this is a naked power grab. It shows how terrified Republicans are of the recalls this summer:
• They’ve redistricted out 2 of our challengers out of the districts they’re currently running in – Fred Clark and Nancy Nusbaum. Nusbaum by half a block.
• They’ve made the 8th Senate District much more Republican, a clear sign they are scared of Sandy Pasch.
• They’ve redistricted Bob Wirch out of his district – proving they know they can’t beat him in Senate District 22.

Republicans know they are going to lose the Senate next month. That’s why they are pushing through this transparent power grab now. It appears that not a single Republican on the Senate side is drawn out of their seat-and it stands to reason that we can expect the same on the Assembly side.

Democracy in Wisconsin is under assault. 

Lately Scott Walker has been making a big to do about reaching out to Democrats, working together. This plan exposes how phony those overtures are – done for PR benefit, not for good government in Wisconsin.

While this plan will likely be tied up in legal action, this is the latest outrageous act that will mobilize Democrats, and mobilize independent, moderate voters to action. And we will fight back through the Senate recalls this summer and holding this Governor accountable next year.”