Scott Walker's Self-Praise and Education Distortion on "Face the Nation"

Jul 02, 2011


MADISON-Following is the response of Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate to Scott Walker’s bizarre appearance Sunday on “Face the Nation.”

“Scott Walker claims he was in Madison on Sunday but he might as well have been on the moon. Speaking on “Face the Nation,” Walker claimed that taking a billion dollars out of Wisconsin public education, which will lead to devastating cuts and diminished standing nationally, is actually going to do the opposite. At the same time he praised himself for his “courage,” Walker made the unbelievable claim that schools facing the devastation he caused will be “the same or better.” He is clearly divorced from reality, out of touch with Wisconsin and more interested in framing his disastrous legacy than in serving the needs of the children and families of our state. Just more evidence why recall of the six Republican senators who have enabled this governor is so important.”