Small Grassroots Donations Power Bob Wirch's Huge Fundraising Success Over GOP Rivals

Jul 11, 2011

Southeastern Wisconsin Stands Ready to Re-elect Champion of Working Families 

KENOSHA-New fundraising totals show that southeast Wisconsin’s working families are standing up for Bob Wirch, the senator who stands for them, while they reject a GOP field that includes a tax scofflaw Chicago lawyer whose main contributions come from himself.

Giving at an average $13.10 apiece, supporters of Wirch’s re-election contributed nearly $100,000 to see him back in Madison fighting against the deep cuts to education and help for seniors supported by Republican challengers Fred Ekornaas and Jonathan Steitz. About a third of the Chicago lawyer Steitz’s contributions came from himself – an interesting fact since Steitz paid no state taxes in 2008 or 2009.

Meanwhile, Wirch’s fundraising total represents more than both Republican challengers combined. And, with just 6 weeks to go before the election, Wirch has 11 times as much money in the bank as Ekornaas and Steitz combined. (See figures below.)

“The finance reports show that Bob Wirch is well-positioned to win re-election because he has chosen to stand up for education, for seniors and for Wisconsin values,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Tuesday. “With an average contribution of some $13, it’s clear that Bob Wirch has grassroots support from working families and won’t be a tool of the special interests now running amok in Madison.” 

Wirch Contributions: $133,000
Steitz Contributions: $33,000
Ekornaas Contributions: $5,000

Wirch Cash-on-Hand: $142,000
Steitz Cash-on-Hand: $12,000
Ekorhaas Cash-on Hand: $437