While Middle Class Struggles with Economic Crisis, "Struggling" Sean Duffy Struggles with Press Image

Jul 28, 2011

MADISON-In a remarkable show of vainglory and self-regard yesterday, “Struggling” Sean Duffy held a press conference with other extremist GOP freshmen not to discuss policy, the middle class, job creation or even the weather – but to preen about how he is perceived in the national press.

Duffy, who earlier this year claimed he was “struggling” on his $174,00-per-year Congressional salary, was trying-and failing– to make the point that a Tea Party bunch that has sought the end of Medicare and even Social Security, and which has not passed a single piece of job-creation legislation, was not a bunch of oddball radicals, but a grand group of “ideas.”

Duffy did this at the same time the right-wing Republican House was playing political games with the nation’s debt ceiling and economic destiny.

“Sean Duffy may struggle to see why $174,000 is a lot of money, and he also may struggle to see why people would find his support for a plan to kill Medicare radical and out-of-touch, but I think the working families of the north woods might struggle to see why in the world he is holding press conferences talking about how he is perceived when the middle class is under whole-scale assault,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Friday. “If Sean Duffy should struggle with anything, it’s with his obnoxious vainglory in the face of a national crisis.”