Chicago Lawyer Jonathan Steitz Mocks Wisconsin Fish Fries

Aug 11, 2011

KENOSHA-In what must be a first in Wisconsin politics and at the same time he defended an agenda that puts “the upper class” first,  Chicago corporate lawyer Jonathan Steitz mocked Wisconsin fish fries in a debate Thursday.

Ironically held at Gateway Technical College, a school whose budget was cut 30 percent by Scott Walker, the Thursday debate was marked by Steitz’s repeated whining over criticism of his full-throated defense of the richest one-percent of Wisconsinites and corporate CEOs.

But the “fish fry” line was crossed when Steitz was asked to name a strength of Sen. Bob Wirch, a Kenosha native. Steitz mockingly mentioned the fact that Wirch went to fish fries to talk and listen to the people of his District.

Watch the video here.

“Corporate lawyer Jonathan Steitz isn’t from Wisconsin and mocking Bob Wirch because he actually goes to fish fries and talks-AND LISTENS-to the working people that Steitz doesn’t care about tells you everything you need to know about a guy that goes to Chicago every day to work for corporations that ship Wisconsin jobs overseas,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Friday. “Reasonable people can disagree about tax cuts for the super-rich, but only a Chicago corporate lawyer would badmouth Wisconsin’s tradition of fish fries.”