ICYMI: Alberta Darling Lying About Planned Parenthood Board Position

Aug 04, 2011

MILWAUKEE-Alberta was lying when she told a panel of reporters this week that she quit the board of Planned Parenthood after she learned it was involved in abortion procedures, and that she had resigned well before she took office.

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According to Patch.com, Darling served on the board of Planned Parenthood from 1990 to 1995-years she was in office. She also was on the board when Planned Parenthood BEGAN providing abortion services.

“Alberta Darling is lying outright in her claims about Planned Parenthood, just the latest in a disturbing panel that has come to define her candidacy and her links to Scott Walker,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said. “She cannot provide honesty when asked about the reason for her disastrous budget bill, she cannot be honest when asked about her vote protecting corrupt Milwaukee cops, and now she cannot be honest when asked about serving on the Planned Parenthood board. We knew her positions were bad. But, this speaks directly to her character.”

In addition, being a candidate and elected official while simultaneously serving on the board of an organization that performs political advocacy is the exact same reason Sen. Darling and her right-wing allies are falsely attacking Sandy Pasch.

“Sen. Darling’s hypocrisy knows no bounds,” said Tate.