Jonathan Steitz Takes Aid From Job-Killing "Tea Party" Front Group

Aug 05, 2011

KENOSHA-Following is the statement of Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate in advance of corporate lawyer Jonathan Steitz’s rally today with the “Americans For Prosperity” corporate front group.

“Jonathan Steitz has made a living helping corporations that kill American jobs and it is a sorry sight to see the charade against Wisconsin play out with the “Americans For Prosperity” corporate front group coming to the aid of his pathetic campaign. Theirs is a politics that uses fear and loathing and lying to get the working man and woman to adopt the false beliefs that the rich pay too much in taxes, that corporations need coddling as they destroy Wisconsin’s middle class and that working families should be asked to do more with less. This radical way of thinking is offensive to the ideals that built Wisconsin and which will withstand the “Americans For Prosperity” and Steitz cabal to destroy her.”