Luther Olsen Buses in Corporate "Tea Party" Front Group Support

Aug 06, 2011

MADISON-The Koch Brothers-funded “Tea Party Bus,” a front group for corporate special interests that seek the end of Wisconsin’s middle class, is coming in Sunday along with other out-of-state special interests to prop up Luther Olsen and his support for the radical overreach of Scott Walker.

Olsen, who has slavishly followed the Koch Brothers/Scott Walker agenda to cut education, health care and vital services to preserve tax cuts for out-of-state corporations that kill Wisconsin jobs, was already benefiting from hundreds of thousands of dollars in shady special interest money in advance of his recall election Tuesday.

“Luther Olsen does not have the support of the people of his district, so he has to bus in a carnival of lies in the form of the corporate “Tea Party.” These phony Washington operators don’t have the best interests of Wisconsin in mind and neither does Luther Olsen,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Sunday. “On Tuesday, it will be time for voters of the 14th Senate District to choose someone who listens to them, and not those out-of-state corporations that are killing Wisconsin’s middle class.”