"Struggling" Sean Duffy Gets Much-Needed Help from Downgrade's John Boehner

Aug 15, 2011

MADISON-In the wake of Standard & Poor’s “Republican Downgrade” of U.S. long-term Treasury bonds because of the GOP’s irresponsible debt limit crisis, House Speaker John Boehner was in the north woods raising campaign cash for Sean Duffy, the former reality tee-vee star who says he “struggles” on his $174,000 Congressional salary.

In announcing the “Republican Downgrade,”  S&P stated it was driven by the failure of Duffy, Boehner, and their GOP colleagues to even consider that the historically-low tax burden on millionaires and billionaires may contribute to the country’s debt burden.

“After wrecking the full faith and credit of the American economy, John Boehner is visiting our north woods to raise campaign cash for “Struggling” Sean Duffy,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Tuesday. “”Struggling” Sean thinks nothing of flying in sushi for Christmas or shaking down campaign cash with “Downgrade John” Boehner, but it’s the people of Wisconsin who will really struggle with the economic crisis they have caused.”