Twice the National Rate: Scott Walker and His GOP Senate Allies Oversee Unemployment Economy

Jul 31, 2011

MADISON-A week away from recall elections, the jobs-killing policies of Scott Walker and his GOP Allies in the Senate have put Wisconsin on the top of the heap in unemployment growth.

Contrary to Walker’s flailing claims about creating jobs, he and his Republican Legislature have actually deepened the pain for Wisconsin’s job seekers.

According to The Capital Times: unemployment is increasing in Wisconsin at twice the rate it is nationally.

“While Scott Walker is bragging about creating low-wage Summerfest jobs that will go away, the grim news is that the growth of Wisconsin’s unemployment rate is twice the national average,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Monday. “When voters go to the polls in a week and a day, they will have a body of work from a governor and a Republican Legislature who refused to focus on jobs, and now have the terrible data to prove it.”